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1000 Corporate Systems Infected With Monero Mining Malware

More than 1000 enterprise computer systems have been infected with a cryptojacking malware that installs a Monero mining application.

The Blue Mockingbird malware gang has infected more than 1000 business systems with Monero mining malware since December 2019.

The global scale of the hacker group’s operations was revealed by cloud security firm Red Canary on May 26.

The report outlined the group’s methodology. The malware attacks servers running ASP.NET applications and exploits a vulnerability to install a web shell on the attacked computer and obtain administrator-level access to modify the server settings.

Next, the cybercriminals install the XMRRig application to take advantage of the resources of the infected machines. Most of the infected computers belong to large companies, though Red Canary did not reveal any names. Read More