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$30M Bitcoin Cash 'SIM Hack' Sparks Wild Crypto Tales With Vague Sources

On February 21, the crypto Twitter commentator Dovey Wan published a series of tweets about an alleged SIM card hack that purportedly saw the loss of $30 million in bitcoin cash. The story stemmed from a Reddit post that’s now deleted and so far no one has provided any verifiable proof from the proclaimed victim.

$30 Million in BCH and $14 Million in BTC Allegedly Stolen in a SIM Hack

A rumor has been floating around crypto Twitter after a now-deleted Reddit post said that a major Chinese investor allegedly lost $30 million worth of BCH and $14.4 million worth of BTC.

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The Reddit thread noted that the investor’s SIM card was breached and within the post, the supposed victim begs BCH miners to help with the transactions. “It’s only had 3 confirmations […] if any miners/the community can help somehow,” the alleged victim stressed. Not too long after the $30 million SIM hack post appeared, it was deleted by the person who created it. Then the crypto Twitter pundit Dovey Wan published a series of tweets about the SIM hack situation and her thoughts about the deleted Reddit post.

“Breaking – BCH sim hack! Worth $30M from [a] single Chinese whale (he claimed lost $15M BTC too) He’s now asking for help from miners ..I’m talking with top BCH pool owners on this OMFG,” Wan tweeted.

She then said it seems to her that the hacker was splitting the BTC into smaller amounts and she wrote “RIP BCH … only a double-spend can help this poor guy now.” For some odd reason, Wan’s tweets suggest that BCH miners needed to hard fork. “The best strategy for bcash now is an urgent hard fork it seems like …,” Wan insisted. She added:

'No matter what, this 60,000 BCH hack, the dispute among BCH camp between Ver and Johansson, all these will mark a slow death of it.' Read More