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'A Drop-in Replacement for ABC' - BCH Devs Release Bitcoin Cash Node Software

On February 27, a group of developers behind the Bitcoin Cash Node implementation released the first version of the project’s codebase. The new client is essentially a drop-in replacement for Bitcoin ABC 0.21.0, as the code aims to disable the Infrastructure Funding Proposal (IFP).

Bitcoin Cash Node Unveils Code and Rebrands

The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community was introduced to the open source codebase for a new full node project called the Bitcoin Cash Node on Thursday. The node has rebranded from Bitcoin ABC and developers launched a new website as well. first reported on the project after it was initially announced, as the full node has various well known BCH developers working on the client.

“This is the first release of Bitcoin Cash Node as a drop-in replacement for Bitcoin ABC 0.21.0. It is based on Bitcoin ABC 0.21.0, with minimal changes necessary to disable the Infrastructure Funding Proposal (IFP) soft forks,” Calin Culianu (Nilacthegrim) of Electron Cash explained on the Reddit forum r/btc.

There are minimal changes from Bitcoin ABC 0.21.0 to Bitcoin Cash Node 0.21.0, the developer noted. This includes:

  • All IFP soft fork logic, signaling logic, and the hard-coded whitelist have been removed.

  • Rebranding from Bitcoin ABC -> Bitcoin Cash Node.

  • Qt GUI settings are automatically copied from Bitcoin ABC (on first use of Bitcoin Cash Node).

“For exchanges and users, this client will follow the longest chain whether it includes IFP soft forks or not,” Culianu added. “For miners, running this client ensures the getblocktemplate RPC call will return a block with version bits that vote ‘NO’ for the IFP soft forks. Additionally, unlike Bitcoin ABC, getblocktemplate will not automatically insert IFP whitelist addresses into the coinbase transaction.” Read More...