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Are Bitcoin Price Predictions a Waste of Time?

What will the Bitcoin price be at any given date? That's the 64 quintillion question, but the truth is nobody knows. So, are price predictions for a volatile asset like Bitcoin a waste of time?

Many in crypto claim they're a waste of time, but the market, although manipulated, is organic. So for me, technical and fundamental analysis are vital, and the Bitcoin price doesn’t always ‘do the opposite’, even if it might seem so to those with diminishing faith.

Bitcoin (BTC) Stock to Flow

I’m not in the game for making Bitcoin price predictions. I let people who know what they’re talking about do that and I listen to them.

Long Term Price Prediction

Dan from Crypto Capital Ventures has recently posted a new video looking at the long term price prediction using some fundamental analysis.

While the title of his post, Shocking Bitcoin Price Data for 2020 | BTC Price Prediction is a bit ‘clickbaity’ the analysis is sound, and in my opinion the prediction isn’t shocking at all. Read More