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Asia Blockchain Summit 2020: The future of blockchain is here

Preparations are in full swing as one of blockchain’s industry’s most anticipated events – Asia Blockchain Summit 2020, will be making a virtual appearance this year in July.

Asia Blockchain Summit 2020 brings prominent figures, influential CEOs, and the most outspoken founders and CEOs from the blockchain industry under one roof. Although it is its first-ever virtual summit, in light of COVID-19 social distancing measures, the conference has already completed two successful years previously.

Sky is the limit for For Asia’s blockchain summit

The event will be conducted from July 15-19. It will involve leading journalists and media outlets covering the event by event presentations, keynote speeches, discussions, and other live forums that are likely to contribute to the growth and development of the overall industry.

Together, they will discuss the potential real-world use cases of blockchain and how it can be used to address the demands and needs of future generations sustainably. Read More