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Top 5 Decentralized Bitcoin and Crypto Gambling Dapps.

Decentralized gambling Dapps continue to make inroads into the huge online bitcoin casino market. Here we discuss the merits of 5 of the top, up and coming decentralized casinos, and how to sign up to play.

GooseBet io

GooseBet is one of the newest decentralized apps for gambling and is on the Tron blockchain. It was launched at the start of July 2020 and by the end of the first week had already seen bets totaling over $60 million placed. 

You can deposit using ETH, TRX, BTC or USDT.

The casino has 3 in house games, a selection of 55 slots (at time of writing), which they state will be added to regularly and are in the process of adding table games and live casino. 

Goosebet, also has a novel take on mining the casino’s GBT token. You earn the token by playing their games. The cost of mining 1 GBT will increase by 5 TRX each day.

Goosebet also have a referral program, through which you can a achieve lifetime earnings.

Furthermore, there is a dividend pool which is used to share the profits of the platform among the players. The players who sign up earlier will get a greater share of the spoils.

To sign up you will need to download the Tronlink browser extension at the chrome web extension store.

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EarnBet io

EarnBet gambling Dapp was established in August 2018 and runs on the EOS io blockchain.  

The casino has a small selection of games available and they include Hilo, Dice, Baccarat, Blackjack and Crash.

You can deposit BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP and EOS onto the casino.

EarnBet online casino, also has an affiliate program in which you earn through the amount your players bet, and you will continue to earn, so long as your players continue to play in the casino.

Furthermore, 100% of the casino profit is distributed to BET stakers. The more stake points you have, the more dividends you receive each day. You will receive 1 BET token for every 20 EOS you bet.

To sign up to EarnBet is a simple process. You enter your email and password and if you wish to deposit you can do so from your Binance account or other crypto trading platforms.

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Dice casino Dapp is on the EOS blockchain and is the most popular social gaming network on the blockchain. 

The casino has a large selection of games that include dice, card games, table games and games of luck. They also have a sports betting section, where you can bet on sports such as football, basketball, baseball and esports.

You can deposit a lot of different crypto currencies to the casino, including EOS, DICE, EBTC, EETH and USDT. You can see the full list when you sign up.

Dice also has an affiliate program is another instance through which you can earn a percentage of your players bets for the rest of your life.

The dividend pool is also top notch. Each time someone plays a game or places a bet, a percentage of their stake will be sent to the dividend pool and distributed immediately, to anyone who has staked their DICE tokens.

To be able to sign up to Dice, you will need to download Scatter browser extension at the chrome web extension store.

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888 tron

888 tron was launched in the first quarter of 2019 and after some initial teething problems has become the biggest decentralized gambling app on the Tron network.

888 tron has a wide variety of slots to choose from and continuously adds to them. They also offer a professional sports betting platform through their partner 1xBit. Furthermore, there are live casino games from some of the biggest names in the business.

To play 888 tron on your desk top you will again need to get a Tronlink wallet or Tronwallet from the chrome web extension store. If you are playing on a smart phone, you will need to download either of the above wallets. You can also use Mathwallet and Houbi wallet.

888 tron also have a referral program, through which you can a achieve lifetime earnings of 0.2% on every bet each player you refer makes. To join the affiliate program you must pay 8.88 Trx.

The dividend pool is paid out every 48 hours. For each bet you make, you will receive 888 tokens. This allows you to receive a percentage of the dividends. The dividend is 65% of the profits the casino makes in the 48 hour period.

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Betfury V2 was launched in June 2020, and is the first tron gambling Dapp to offer 25% cashback bonuses. Furthermore, Tron has been replaced by bitcoin as the major coin of operation.

This means that all transactions within the platform, such as dividends, jackpots, bets, etc. will be shown in Bitcoin rather than Tron. However, for those who have already linked their Tron wallet or TronLink, it will still be possible to gain full excess to the site.

BetFury Bitcoin gambling dapp has over 1000 games on the platform. This includes In house games, slots, table games and live casino.

In the past anyone who wanted to play on BetFury had to download a Tronlink wallet. Not anymore, signing up is simply a case of an email and password or for complete beginners, your google account.

They also have a very good referral program which again allows for lifetime rewards on your players bets. These can range from 15% of all profits won on in house games to 1.5% of profits from slots and table games, and 5% of profits from all bets laid using BFG tokens.

Bitfury dividend pool now pays out dividends in Bitcoin, which is a first for an igaming platform.

Moreover, BitFury allows staking. This means that users can claim profits from the dividend pool, just by keeping their BFG tokens.

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These decentralized gambling dapps with their inherent safety features relating to the fact that they use blockchain, plus the benefits of allowing players to be part of the profit sharing through dividend pools and in some cases staking, is going to make the industry one of growth for the foreseeable future.

Get in now while some of the gambling dapps are relatively new, to maximize your chances of gaining the most from dividend pools.