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Bitcoin Cash IFP Debate: ABC Kicks Off Fundraiser, 3 Mining Pools Signal BCHN Support

During the first week of March, there were prominent discussions concerning the recently announced infrastructure funding proposal (IFP). However, a number of crypto participants are focused on the market carnage and the possibility of a global recession.

After the new full node project published plans for the upcoming upgrade, founder Jiang Zhuoer revealed his hashrate would vote against the proposal. Two days later, the full node project Bitcoin ABC announced intentions to raise funds in order to sustain operations for one year. Currently, the Bitcoin Cash Node project has 41 public nodes and three public mining pools have been signaling support for the new full node.

Jiang Zhuoer Pledges to Use Personal Hashrate to Vote Against IFP and Bitcoin ABC Launches 2020 Business Plan Fundraising

Recently, IFP discussions have taken a back seat due to the coronavirus outbreak and the possibility of an economic recession. During our last report, covered the Bitcoin Cash Node (BCHN) project publishing its intentions for the upcoming upgrade and future goals. Read More...