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Bitcoin Miner Stumbles Upon $8M Stash From 2010, Sells Before Crash

A former Bitcoin miner hobbyist has stumbled on an old wallet containing 1,000 Bitcoins, in addition to many Bitcoin forks.

On March 10, a thread was posted to Bitcointalk by a self-described “newbie” making their first return to crypto after a “long hiatus,” seeking advice on accessing an old Bitcoin stash.

Former GPU hobbyist miner discovers wallet on a thumb drive

The user “whoamisoon” claimed to have mined some Bitcoin “a long time ago” using a GPU and had recently located the wallet.dat file on a USB storage device.

The former-miner sought advice on how to move the Bitcoins to sell, also asking if they held the same quantity of Bitcoin Cash in the wallet, and how they might be able to sell the BCH.

The user was pleasantly surprised to discover that they would be able to access a myriad of forked coins, writing: Read More...