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Bitcoin’s Mining Pools Reshuffled, Ahead of Halving

Poolin and f2pool, Chinese Bitcoin mining giants have seen a considerable surge in their BTC daily block reward earning in January 2020. More importantly,, the dominating mining pool has dropped in terms of BTC block reward earning. These are the developments as Bitcoin’s much-anticipated 3rd halving approaches.

Mining hardware will need an upgrade to compete after the halving

During the last couple of weeks, Bitcoin has undergone some considerable change to its otherwise constant metrics. Take, for example, the Bitcoin hash rate, which has declined after reaching a new all-time high very recently; the dominance, which had stayed near the 70% has now dropped very closer to the 60% zone. All of these factors play a very decisive role in the 3rd halving.

As for the mining pools, f2pool has the highest BTC block reward earning among the known members. Read More