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Bitmain and MicroBt Race to Launch New Machines Before Bitcoin Halving

Two of the biggest suppliers of bitcoin mining machinery are racing to roll out the latest top of the range machines with Bitcoin halving just a few month away.

Mining giant Bitmain, headquartered in Beijing, launched its new AntMiner S19 and S19 Pro models on Thursday, featuring computing power of up to 110  terahashes per second (TH / s) and an energy cost of 29.5 watts per terahash  (W / T).

Going by the company's specs, the two versions will currently be the most lucrative bitcoin mining machines available, closely followed by Bitmain's Shenzhen  based competitor, MicroBT's WhatsMiner M30S, according to a f2pool miner profitability index.

The launch follows a heated battle between Bitmain and MicroBT, which acquired a large share of the mining equipment industry after selling about 600,000 units of its M20 series in 2019, denting Bitmain's long-standing market dominance.

MicroBT, which released its flagship M30 models in December, has since last week begun taking preorders for its new and most advanced product line, with sample unit deliveries beginning as early as next month.

Prices and pre-order / delivery dates have yet to be confirmed for the new Bitmain S19 model and there is also confusion over whether or not Bitmain will be able to produce the latest models on a large scale as the 7-nm chips required to run the machines come in limited supplies. Additionally, the coronavirus epidemic in China has disrupted the manufacturing and logistics industries globally, causing delays for those looking to upgrade existing mining facilities.

With bitcoin's halving and a reduction of mining rewards quickly approaching, older mining machines will no longer be profitable unless the price of bitcoin increases considerably. As such, miners will need to upgrade to stay in business.