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Brave Browser Reaches Over 15 Million Active Users

Cryptocurrency-backed Internet browser Brave Browser recently announced it had reached over 15 million active downloads and users.

According to the announcement, the crypto-powered browser has grown 125% in the last year, while the daily active users had reached 5.3 million, up 165% in the same period.

Brave Browser - Privacy Focused Browsing

Brave Browser is an open source Internet browser created by Mozilla founder and JavaScript creator Brendan Eich.

Brave focuses on providing more privacy for its users by blocking intrusive ads and trackers.

The browser also offers an opt-in advertisement system, which is powered by the Ethereum blockchain and Brave’s BAT token.

With Brave's security and privacy focus, the browser offers its users the ability to open private windows using the Onion Router (TOR) to make browsing on Brave even more secure.

The privacy is set to block ads, but anyone opting in to receive ads will be rewarded in BAT cryptocurrency. The BAT token can then be used for tipping your favourite websites, content creators, or traded in for cash and spent on whatever you like.

According to data, however, only about 12.32% of Brave Browser’s users use the BAT token.

The firm’s co-founder and CEO Brendan Eich explanation for the low level of users:

‘When we first released [Brave Browser] on desktop, it was 40% of the desktop browser share and as we added mobile we found people were less willing to use [BAT], but we are working to make it more attractive to use by making it more convenient, making it reward the user more.’

Content Creators Rewarded With BAT

Brave also announced its Brave Verified content creators had ‘grown significantly’.

There are now almost 700,000 content creators with websites, blogs, YouTube channels, Twitter accounts and other platforms that are being tipped in BAT by their readership or followers.

Any content creator can sign up and receive BAT from their audience on Brave Browser. We at MinedHash have signed up, and we see the benefits the crypto-backed browser can have for small independent content creators, and we believe it’s the way forward for Internet experience.

Trade on Binance Without Leaving Brave Browser

The uptake in Brave is no surprise, and the browsing firm recently announced a partnership with leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance. The partnership enables Brave browser users to seamlessly trade cryptocurrencies through a Binance widget.

The Binace widget offers integrated functionality for trading cryptocurrencies, viewing balances, and obtaining deposit addresses without ever having to leave the browser.


Brave Browser is still a tiny part of the Internet browsing-sphere. But at over 15 million, more than double in a year, it’s not an insignificant amount.

And with the private, secure and faster experience of using Brave, added with the BAT rewards, I believe doubling usership again will be even quicker.

Our data should be ours, we should be allowed to remain as private as we want, and our awareness is a valuable asset.

Google, Microsoft and Yahoo have all offered us a valuable tool, but at the same time, they’ve abused our value.

With the introduction of the web 3.0 and the likes of Brave, our Internet experience is set for major disruption in the next fiver years or so, and it will be in favour of the user.

Author: Tommy Limpitlaw