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Crypto at Critical Turning Point as Global Economy Flounders Under Lockdown

The whipsaw turmoil of the last month is difficult to accurately quantify. As we come into an atypically sunny and warm April — in Europe at least — It feels like we are living at a point in time that future generations will look back on and wonder how the hell we all got through it. 

Economic, political, monetary, medical, systemic: the decisions authorities have made and are making now will be scrutinised for years to come.

And as I write this the UK Prime Minister is just out of intensive care. 83,401 people have succumbed to the virus sweeping the globe, a figure which will be far higher by the time you read this. 

Once the world comes out the other side of this horror show, we may all be suffering a kind of collective post-traumatic stress disorder from seeing institutions crumble in the face of such intense pressures. Read More...