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Decentraland: Experience the Virtual Reality Like Never Before

The concept of virtual reality is fast catching up with masses. It started its journey from the gaming world and now slowly spreading its wings to a host of allied segments. Now taking this idea of virtual reality to an all-new level, Decentraland provides you an opportunity to perform a lot of activities virtually, including the likes of exploring the virtual world, owning the virtual space, socializing with community members, and playing with other users.

The process of providing a world-class virtual experience has recently been concluded with the platform being opened for the public a couple of days back. The virtual ecosystem is built on the Ethereum Blockchain and allows you to experience the virtual world on a range of devices, including your system, mobile, or even VR headset.

LAND Concept

The unique concept of LAND makes the backbone of the experience at Decentraland. Decentraland is divided into LAND, a canvas on which one can create its own virtual experience. As a virtual owner of LAND, you have the full creative freedom of building novel creations, and the best part is that income associated with the exploration of your LAND will directly go into your account.

Users of the Decentraland community are able to traverse and experience new creations, just like the concept of travel and tourism is a non-virtual world. This means you can attract visitors by creating something unique and catchy and get a reward in terms of the income associated with their visit. Read More...