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DForce hacked: DeFi protocol loses $25 million in Bitcoin and Ethereum

Leading Chinese DeFi protocol dForce fell victim to a hack and nearly 25 million dollars. The dForce hack caused the protocol to lose nearly 99.95 percent of all locked funds to the attackers. The hack has also caused its Lendf.Me lending platform to go offline.

DForce hack

According to the DeFi (decentralized finance) data aggregator DeFi Pulse, the total value of locked funds under dForce’s protocol has decreased from nearly 25 million dollars to just 10,000 dollars overnight. 

The platform’s CEO confirmed the dForce hack on Telegram and announced that the platform was breached on April 19 during block height 9.989.681. He stated that the platform’s managing team is currently investigating the breach and requested all users to avoid placing any assets on the Lendf.Me platform. Read More...