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EOS Coinbase suspension traced to degraded performance

Owing to the degraded performance Coinbase experienced with EOS, the digital currency exchange firm announced via Twitter on Saturday that EOS transfers have been suspended until further notice.

Reportedly, it is not the first time Coinbase is experiencing such degraded EOS performance as reports where filed earlier in the week where the exchange firm alerted that EOS activities could be suspended. However, technical issues that lead to the EOS Coinbase suspension was not detailed as it looks like steps are being taken to restore the system.

EOS is a blockchain created by Block .One

The EOS Coinbase suspension has not stopped EOS trading on the Coinbase network as currently EOS trading on the system works normally as the suspension only affects sending and receiving EOS to be resolved when investigations are concluded.

EOS Coinbase suspension, crypto’s response

In lieu to the announcement on Twitter that Coinbase suspended EOS, the official handle of EOS Nation reacted to Coinbase tweet. EOS Nation, in their tweet, acknowledged that the degraded performance the exchange firm experienced was true, but then they have restored the system. EOS further offered to help the company to troubleshoot if there is any need for it. Read More...