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Ethereum’s Growing Network Means It’s The Ideal Next-Gen Call Option

Since launching in 2015, Ethereum has seen fantastic growth. Although, we’re a long way off the all-time high of $1427.51 on January 14th 2018 Ethereum is one of the most utilized of all blockchains.

And as the blockchain space grows to meet mass adoption the plans to scale Ethereum are well underway and expected this year.

Ethereum’s considerable promise was emphasized by the recent news of the release of the ‘baseline protocol’ from tech giant Microsoft, Ernst Young and Consensys, which aims to facilitate the utilization of the Ethereum blockchain by companies wanting to connect internal resources and also streamline resource planning.

The protocol, which was developed by all three institutions, aims to make it easy to use the Ethereum mainnet.

John Wolpert, the head of We3Studios at ConsenSys, joked about the release, calling it as a “boring” way to utilize Ethereum’s blockchain as message-oriented middleware.

‘It’s about changing the mental model from system of record to middleware,’ said Wolpert. ‘That’s a pretty boring way to use the blockchain. I think we could use a little boring.’ Read More...