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First Game Built on Tezos Blockchain Preparing for Alpha Launch

Tezos (XTZ) co-founder Kathleen Breitman is preparing to launch the alpha version of the game built on top of Tezos — a crypto-powered collectible card game called ‘Emergents.’ Emergents’ in-game cards will comprise non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that players have full ownership over. Coase intends to comprise both the primary and secondary marketplace for the cards. The company will also act as both a buyer and a seller for the NFTs.

Emergents to launch in alpha next month

While Breitman has been planning the game since 2018, she announced Coase — the company that will launch Emergents — in May 2019. The company is composed of Breitman, former professional Magic: The Gathering player Zvi Mowshowitz, former Pokemon and Magic developer Alan Comer, and game designer Brian David-Marshall. Coase will initially launch a free base set of cards with new cards being made available for purchase on a weekly basis. Cards will be priced and paid for in XTZ, however, there will also be a fiat gateway that conceals the cryptocurrency transaction for players who do not wish to handle crypto. Each card will have a fixed supply, with prices fluctuating according to an algorithm that measures demand for a card. When a specific card is purchased the algorithm will increase its price slightly, and vice versa. Coase will purchase cards from sellers for approximately 95% of their market value. Read More...