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Gala Network: An Interview with Zynga and MySpace Co-Founder Eric Schiermeyer

Today i have the pleasure to discuss with Eric Schiermeyer, co-founder of Zynga (Farmville, Zynga Poker) and MySpace, a well-known social media hub and definitely a place for musicians to share their work and connect with their audience. Back in the days, every teenager had a Myspace account. Eric and his team are developing something big, a platform of connected games under one umbrella, the Gala Network. A few days ago, Gala dubbed it’s first free to play game called Town Star, a farm simulator with cartoonish graphics and a free economy on the blockchain where everyone can start with a small farm and grow into a digital business. In the GALA network, earning opportunities arise through the use of Farm Bots and Nodes, I’m sure you all have some questions, so let’s find out more. Eric, thank you for being with us today, I’ve been a player of Farmville and even a MySpace user back then so allow me to say that i feel like i have a connection with you, through your work. Why don’t you give us some more information about you and what you are up to this period? You already seem to know a lot about my background. I’ve been doing startups my entire adult life. I tend to focus on an emerging technology or emergent uses of technology. But woven throughout that is a desire to reach as many people as possible. My last big project, Zynga, most likely touched a billion people in some meaningful way. I hope to at least double that with Gala!