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Glitch With ETH 2.0’S Block Proposer System and P2P Spam Vulnerability Fixed

Glitch with ETH 2.0’s Block Proposer System

According to an audit report carried out by security firm Least Authority, a glitch in the ETH 2.0 protocol highlighted the possibility of a block proposer’s information leak and ETH 2.0’s messaging system’s vulnerability to spam.

Although the bugs have been patched, many argue it’s another setback for the ETH 2.0 team.

ETH 2.0 marks Ethereum’s transition from a Proof of Work (PoW) to a Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. With PoW, the block reward payout is random and nobody can predict who might win the newly minted ETH.

With PoS, however, there’s a block proposer system, which will decide which block will go on to the blockchain, and it was this that exposed the security flaw.

To get around the risk, the security report recommends using a Single Secret Leader Election (SSLE) mechanism in order to mask the selection process.

Speaking about the audit, a spokesman for Least Authority said, ‘With the information leak patched, the block proposer remains as protected as it would be in PoW chains, but without the computational overhead.’ Read More...