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Hacking Group Secretly Mining Crypto on Android Based Smart TVs

The group’s botnet also shuts down rival botnets, and old versions of its own cryptominers, to maximize profits.

A black-hat hacking group that runs crypto-mining botnets, Outlaw, has resurfaced after months of silence, according to IT security company Trend Micro. The hacking group, which Trend Micro first discovered in 2018, has upgraded its botnet, which can now infect Android-based smart TVs and force them to secretly mine for cryptocurrency.

The botnet mines for the privacy-based cryptocurrency, Monero.

Previous versions of the botnet targeted Chinese users, but this was just a testing ground, said Trend Micro. Now it’s targeting automotive and finance companies based in the US and Europe, especially companies that haven’t upgraded their security systems, according to the security company's report yesterday. Another of its aims is to steal, and then resell, sensitive information from the companies. Read More...