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Have you tried Mines of Dalarnia Alpha yet?

Mines of Dalarnia Alpha release is now available on the Testnet, and early subscribers are already digging for resources.

Built with the Chromia blockchain, Mines of Dalarnia is a free to play action game where you use a character to mine valuable resources by breaking blocks of earth. The game is compatible with any modern desktop and mobile browsers.

Your purpose is to get as far as possible, collect the most resources, and enter an exit point before running out of light. Monsters on your way might also provide resources when killed.

Minerals come in multiple rarities, and you can use them to upgrade your character, craft items, or turn your loot to Chromia currency. Upgrades and new tools will allow you to survive longer and collect more loot on your next run.

The game offers a free zone where you can start mining resources and store them on your inventory. When you purchase a plot, you can mine resources or offer it for rent. Plots with better resources are more expensive. Read More