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How In-Game Bitcoin Micro Transactions Could Change Future of Gaming

What if you could earn Bitcoin while playing video games and then spend your earnings in the real world? One company is working on allowing gamers to do just that.

On Monday, Zebedee announced a software development kit (SDK) and dashboard that will allow video game developers to integrate Bitcoin microtransactions through the Lightning Network. Why Bitcoin? Because it’s “the native currency of the Internet,” according to Zebedee CEO Simon Cowell.

“The most important practical feature of any currency are the network effects that give it value and utility. Bitcoin is still the leader by a long way,” Cowell told Decrypt in an interview. The company wants to incentivize gamers and developers to earn and spend satoshis, the smallest unit of the cryptocurrency.

The company aims to do this through the fledgling Lightning Network, which allows for instant microtransactions without encumbering the Bitcoin blockchain.

The company hopes to help game developers find new ways to monetize their products, both within games and outside of them, through Bitcoin. Read More...