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How To Buy Bitcoin Anonymously

One of the most surprising things that people first discover about Bitcoin is that it is not anonymous.

Sure, your name isn’t on your Bitcoin private or public address, but every road eventually leads to a fiat on or off-ramp, and that’s when your name is connected with your Bitcoin transactions.

Most people know how to buy Bitcoin from exchanges. The problem with exchanges, however, is that they ask you for your details when you sign up.

You can’t partake in buying and selling Bitcoin unless you give your government issued ID. Big Brother wants to know everything.

But there are ways of buying Bitcoin anonymously, and if you prefer to remain private and not to let anybody know what you’re buying, read on…

Why Become Anonymous?

Many people don’t understand why any law-abiding citizen feels the need to remain anonymous. They think if you have nothing to hide, no problem.

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