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Laptops Armed with 10th-Generation CPUs and Nvidia Super GPUs Could be Coming

We’d hold off on buying your next gaming laptop until April, as the next generation laptops are coming soon, according to the latest rumors. And, they’re supposedly coming with pretty impressive power under the hood.

A new breed of laptops are apparently hitting the streets in Q2, according to Wccftech, touting Intel’s 10th-generation processors and Nvidia’s Super line of GPUs for laptops, both of which are slated to launch on March 31 according to this rumor. These portables will be launched on April 2 and made available for purchase on April 15th.

These gaming notebooks should give many gamers out there more powerful options if they want the latest and greatest, whether they’re looking to upgrade their aging laptops or invest in their first portable gaming machine. It should also give economical buyers more choices, as older models with less powerful yet still fairly fresh specs should have lower price tags. Read More...