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League of Kingdoms Land Pre-Sale Happening This Month

The upcoming blockchain MMO strategy game League of Kingdoms announced the Land Presale at a discounted rate starting on May 25/2020. The game’s launch is coming in the first half of 2020.

The presale will take place in two rounds, where the first one will feature a 30% discount and the second a 20%. Furthermore, both rounds will include bonus crystals to start your journey in the game. After the presale period, Lands will still be available but without any privileges.  

You can participate in the League of Kingdoms Land Presale using Ethereum and some other ERC-20 tokens that Kyber supports like DAI and MANA. Access the presale in the games land portal or at the decentralized marketplace, OpenSea.

Land Tokens and DAI Rewards

Land Tokens come in the form tokenized ERC-721 real estate blockchain assets. Like in the real world, the more users and development activities, the higher the property value.  Read More