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Miners switching from BCH to BTC could be behind the 5 hour block time on Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash usage has been put to the test when the network failed to produce a single block in more than five hours earlier this week without causing any transaction backlog. While many saw the declining hash rate as a consequence of low usage, the low usage might have been caused by an unstable hash rate due to frequent miner migration.

Migrating miners could be behind the delay in Bitcoin Cash block time

Bitcoin Cash network takes more than 5 hours to produce a single block

Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin’s first and most popular offshoot, has made the news this week for all the wrong reasons. The network, which has the fourth-largest market capitalization in the world, took almost five and a half hours to produce a single block.

According to data from blockchain explorer Blockchain, block 620,025 was produced just after 2:00 AM (UTC) on Jan. 30, while the following block, 620,026, wouldn’t be found for five and a half more hours. Read More

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