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New progressive Ukraine crypto mining policy released

The newly released Ukraine crypto mining policy regulations have garnered much interest. The regulations have been drafted after many deliberations and it seems that most of the positive suggestions have been included in the final version. Industry experts will surely view the Ukraine crypto mining policy positively in the coming days.

Ukraine is slowly but surely trying to be the epicenter of the global cryptocurrency revolution. The newly announced Ukraine crypto regulations have been designed to promote both the cryptocurrency and the blockchain industry in the country. The Ukraine crypto mining policy will help the European nation become the next hip crypto destination in the world.


Ukraine crypto mining policy will redefine the local crypto landscape

The policy is dubbed as the ‘Manifesto of the Virtual Assets Ministry’ and made by the Ministry and Committee of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. The progressive crypto document on ‘Public Blockchains and Proof-of-Work mining on earth’ has many features that separate it from other nation’s regressive policies. Read More