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Nonfungible Tokens Could Change the Way We Own Things

The coronavirus pandemic is transforming the education sector as much as it is transforming various important aspects of our lives. The majority of teaching and learning has been transferred to digital platforms as many cities remain in quarantine or begin to ease lockdown restrictions. But the education sector will never be the same again.

What is peer-to-peer learning

Education is going through several developments and changes. These changes were accelerated over the last few months by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the novel virus did not outrightly halt the delivery of education. It merely demanded new ways of delivering and receiving learning content. One of those ways includes peer-to-peer learning, which has been around for some time. In a formal classroom setting, an educator shares knowledge with students. In peer-to-peer learning, students share knowledge with other students. P2P learning extends to workplaces and industries. It should be noted that peer-to-peer learning is supplemental learning and not meant to replace formal education. Read More...