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Review | AKRacing Master Series Pro

Bottom Line

The AKRacing Master Series Pro is one of the best gaming chairs you can buy!

The gorgeous racing style design is generously topped with an extremely comfortable and durable cold cured foam padding that does a fantastic job supporting the whole body, even after long hours of gaming. This is a true high-end gamers chair and comes with a host of premium features and a level of craftsmanship that is second to none.

AKRacing has been making some of the best gaming chairs in the world since its launch in 2001.

The company has built a stellar reputation for producing sturdy, comfortable, and extremely durable chairs that have been built to last.

Unlike other gaming chair companies, AKRacing is one of the few that has its own factory. All chairs are designed, tested, and created in-house, and to the highest possible standards.

The AKRacing brand has developed somewhat of a cult following on the gaming circuit and the company has been actively involved in the esports scene for the last decade.

The AKRacing Series Pro gaming chair is the flagship chair of the Masters Series.

The Series Pro is a truly high-end gaming chair that has been designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and incredibly comfortable.

The long ergonomic backrest with smooth sloping sides helps to improve blood circulation during long gaming sessions and the chair comes with additional neck and lumbar pillows for added support.

You get a very generous seat width of 23.6 inches and the sturdy metal frame with high-tensile aluminum bases, boasts an impressive weight capacity of up to 400lbs, making it a great choice for larger gamers.

A standout feature of this chair is the density of premium foam padding on the seat. The premium cold-cured molding seat foam has a density of 55 kg/m³, which is seventy percent more padding than on the previous AKRacing Core Series.

To top it all off, the chair is draped in a durable and high-grade PU leather upholstery that feels soft and supple.


+ Slick ergonomic design

+ 4D adjustable armrests

+ Premium-grade materials

+ High-density shaping foam

+ Adjustable tilt angle

+ 4D armrests

+ 180° Recline

The AKRacing Series Pro comes with more than enough customization features and adjustments to make getting in the right seating position effortless.

The AKRacing Pro is also the best reclining gaming chair to buy. You get a host of tilt adjustments and the chair boasts a reclined angle that is lockable up to 180°.

As an added bonus, AKRacing's after-sales service is second to none and they offer an industry-leading 5-year manufacturer-backed warranty on parts and a 10-year warranty on the frame.


It's easy to see why the AKRacing Master Series Pro is one of the best gaming chairs on the planet. Everything about the chair screams quality and it comes packed with more than enough features to satisfy any pro gamer. If you take your posture seriously there is no better chair.