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Riot Games Lawsuit Plaintiffs May Be Entitled To $400 Million

League of Legends developer Riot Games may end up paying much more than expected to settle the class action lawsuit filed against the company in November 2018.

In August 2019, Riot Games announced that it had agreed to pay a $10 million settlement to the nearly 1,000 employees who had participated in the class action lawsuit against the game developer. However, two California state agencies recently took a closer look at the case and made the determination that the plaintiffs might be owed closer to $400 million.

Riot Games is the developer of League of Legends

The lawsuit was originally filed in November 2018 by Jessica Negron and Melanie McCracken, one current and one former employee of Riot Games, who requested that the court certify it as a class action suit.

The plaintiffs accused the game developer, whose employee base at the time was 80% male, of gender-based discrimination in both pay and promotion, sexual harassment, retaliation against those who spoke out, and otherwise fostering a “men-first” culture in the company’s California offices.

The suit came a mere three months after a Kotaku exposé on the sexist work environment at Riot Games. The company’s initial response to the accusations in the article was to publish a blog post broadly apologizing for the perceived behavior and promising sweeping changes in the company’s culture.

Yet a full month later, although some of the employees who supported the toxic environment were indeed let go, many of the men accused of being the worst offenders were still employed at the company, including current COO Scott Gelb. Read More