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The K League Joins Sorare Football Game

The trending fantasy football game Sorare (SO5) which counts over $61,000 in transaction volume the last seven days, announced today the first licensed Asian football league to join, the K League. The initiative allows football fans to engage with their favorite players, create fantasy teams with Korean league players, and lure more users onboard.

While many football fans, and especially the European ones, won’t place K League in their first picks, Korea has one of the biggest gaming populations in the entire world. In fact, it was the first country to host an eSports event twenty years ago and Sorare is expected to receive heats of local gamers and football fans. Korea is also said to host 30% of the world’s cryptocurrency trading, so the NFT aspect should be very appealing in there.

The K League season starts in March and finishes in November, that allows managers to compete during the European seasonal break. There are three main ways to play with the K League football players including the All-Star and U23 League, the weekly K League Challenges as well as the permanent K League divisions. Read More