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The Sandbox Moonsale Goes Live

The popular gaming platform on the Ethereum blockchain The Sandbox hosts a special event offering Land parcels with discounts. The Sandbox Moonsale is a unique event separate from the regular rounds of land sales.

True item ownership in digital assets and virtual Lands is the next big thing in the gaming industry, and blockchain technology is the only way to achieve it.

Tokenized assets benefit both gamers and game creators, and that’s why the NFT market is growing. As a reminder, The Sandbox raised 800+ ETH only in the Second Land Sale, and all the available Lands vanished in a blink of an eye.

About The Sandbox MoonSale

During the MoonSale, participants can obtain ESTATES from ATARI, PONG, RollerCoaster Tycoon & others with a 20% discount. Besides, a Treasure hunt will be available during the sale period, so stay tuned for a chance to win a massive (12×12) ESTATE. Read More