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Top VR Gadgets For All Devices

Virtual reality has been increasing in popularity and is expected to gain mainstream appeal over the coming years thanks to next-generation VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR.

There are also many great VR gadgets you can add to your virtual reality setup that can greatly improve your overall experience and take your emersion to the next level

The MinedHash team knows how hard it can be to stay up to date with all the latest VR developments and we have put together our list of the top multiplatform VR gadgets.

Top 5 VR Gadgets at a Glace

NOLO CV1 Motion Tracking Kit

Woojer Vest Pro Haptic VR Vest

Leap Motion Performance

Hyperkin Polygon VR Protector

Disposable Face Cover

NOLO CV1 Motion Tracking Kit

The NOLO CV1 with 6-DoF spatial tracking offers full immersion anytime, anywhere. The system was designed to use across a range of platforms from PC to mobile and delivers excellent tracking capabilities.

The Nolo CV1 comes in four parts. Two durable, lightweight controllers that can last up to 7 hours on a single charge. The base station which is the core of the traffic system and a headset market that acts as the central nervous system of NOLOs tracking technology.

If you are looking to enhance your mobile VR experience or take your next-generation VR gaming to the next level with full room support, then the NOLO motion tracking kit is the gadget for you.

Woojer Vest Pro Haptic VR Vest

The Woojer VR Vest looks set to revolutionize VR gaming and offers incredible immersion thanks to its oscillating frame actuators system. Unlike other VR tactical vests that use air to create sensations, the Woojer Vest takes audio signals and translates them in tactical sensations that allow you to feel the sounds you hear.

The vest itself is lightweight, durable and made from premium materials. It connects by USB and can support all devices. The 7.1 Surround Sound Haptic Mode delivers incredible immersion with 8 location-specific haptic zones will have you questioning what is virtual and what is not.

The Woojer VR is the best virtual reality vest on the market, however, it doesn't come cheap. If you are serious about VR gaming and have a few quid to spare this vest is a must.

Leap Motion Controller

The Leap Motion Controller is a motion sensor that when placed in front of your PC or Mac can track every move of your hands, joints, and fingers at a rate of 200 frames per second.

The device itself is tiny and concealed within the rectangular body are three infrared cameras and two cameras that are responsible for the tracking. When placed in front of your computer the motion controller lets you control your computer with hand gestures.

We were really impressed by Leap Motion Controllers 3D spacial tracking system and while it may not replace the mouse or keyboard anytime soon, it's still a great addition to any VR enthusiasts arsenal.

Hyperkin Polygon VR Protector

The Hyperkin Polygon VR protector is a great bag for those who want to protect their essential hardware while on their travels. It accommodates most mainstream headsets and has additional space for accessories.

The bag itself is made to a high standard and feels light and durable. It comes with a generous amount of padding that gives an extra sense of protection and the 4-foot adjustable shoulder strap makes it comfortable and easy to carry.

There are cheaper alternatives to the Hyperkin Polygon however few have been designed specifically for VR hardware and they simply don't offer the same levels of protection.

Disposable Face Cover

We all know how VR enhances our social interactions and chances are you are to be sharing your headset with friends and family at some point. The problem is this can lead to a whole range of hygienic issues due to the build-up of dirt, sebum, and sweat.

Inkeci disposable face mask is a convenient skin-friendly non woven fabric that has been universally designed to fit most masks so you never need to worry about sharing your VR headsets again.

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