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Trends in Crypto Gaming and What the Industry is Doing to Get More Public Attention

The use of cryptocurrencies has mainly started with Bitcoin and it has been around 10 years since Bitcoin has been created. It’s safe to say that after 10 years, cryptocurrencies haven’t hit the mainstream market yet but key players in the industry are still trying.

In 2017, many turned their attention to cryptocurrencies because of their value. At some point in that year, a Bitcoin was valued at 20,000 US dollars and that made quite a noise. Many people have started to look into the industry’s direction and that’s why businesses have to come up with interesting ways to get more people involved.

That’s when crypto gaming rally came about. It was when CryptoKitties came out. It’s a blockchain game for Ethereum users created by Axiom Zen that enables players to buy, collect, breed, and sell virtual cats. It’s one of the first innovations that made cryptocurrencies available for recreation and leisure.

It was a hit as when this came out, many people started to use cryptos. Since this is Ethereum-based, transactions on Ethereum have increased sixfold because of this game. Ethereum got around 15 percent more of the total traffic that it usually has gotten before CryptoKitties.

It’s solid proof that gaming is an effective way to promote the use of cryptocurrencies. It just makes sense why more games similar to CryptoKitties were soon developed. However, that was in 2017 and this year, crypto gaming is set to become better. Read More...