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US Mining Giant CoreWeave Redirects Hashpower to Help Fight Coronavirus

America’s biggest Ethereum mining company, CoreWeave, has redirected 6000 graphics processing units (GPUs) towards research in the fight against coronavirus.

CoreWeave’s GPUs are now pointed towards Stanford University’s Folding@Home project to help power up the processing power in its fight against COVID-19.

The Folding@Home project uses computing power to do research on understanding proteins that will help fight the deadly pandemic, and anybody with a computer, no matter how little, can help to power it.

Shift From Mining Ethereum to Fighting Coronavirus

CoreWeave was previously using the computing power to hash 0.2% of the entire Ethereum hahsrate, earning 28 ETH on a daily basis, before pointing it in the fight against COVID-19.

That new processing power has more than doubled Folding@Home’s entire hashrate, which is processing the data in the search for proteins that will help fight COVID-19.

Coronavirus is a worldwide pandemic that needs the entire world pulling together, and this charitable deed by CoreWeave is an honourable move.

We’re far from getting a cure or even a vaccination for coronavirus, but the Folding@Home project is contributing to the search for one.

CoreWeave Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Brian Venturo said there was no hesitation in helping out Folding@Home in their plight against coronavirus.

Venturo emphasised the Stanford University’s charitable research arm had helped out in the creation of other important drugs. ‘Their research had profound impact on the development of front-line HIV defense drugs,’ said Venturo. ‘We are hoping our computing power will aid in the fight against coronavirus.’

GPU is the Most Powerful Mining Equipment That Can Help Fight Coronavirus

It’s a fantastic idea for GPU miners as they can help in the fight against coronavirus, too. With the price of Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies dropping drastically in the last couple of weeks, many miners actually switched off their rigs. This could be a way some of them could put to use their GPUs.

GPU miners are the most powerful cryptocurrency mining rigs that can help in the fight against coronavirus, because ASICs mining rigs are designed to mine specific cryptocurrencies only.

Venturo was quick to heap praise on the Ethereum mining community. ‘This is one of the great things about the Ethereum mining ecosystem,’ he said. ‘It's basically the largest GPU compute resource on the planet. We were able to redeploy our hardware to help fight a global pandemic in minutes.’

Despite the efforts of CoreWeave, Folding@Home and its network of ‘miners’, however, it’s believed that the chances of Stanford’s research team finding a cure for coronavirus virus is only as high as 5%.


CoreWeave has done a fantastic thing for humanity. Sure, it’s only making a little impact, but if miners who had switched off their machines were to do the same, it could have a much bigger impact.

The chances of Folding@Home finding a cure is small, but you never know, and it might just be down to cryptocurrency miners who help find it.

Author: Tommy Limpitlaw