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We Tried Bomb Stars – Mobile Battle-Royale Game

Battle-royale gameplay, exploding bombs, and 100 players to compete. Can you be the last one standing? Bomb Stars offer a fun and engaging gameplay where you can import and use NFT’s from other games, compete for a place on the leaderboard, or simply challenge your friends to play. Available for both Android and iOs devices, you can play for free and join a battle right away. When you start a game, you have to be smart and react fast. Avoid your enemies, and place bombs to eliminate them first while collecting coins and power-ups. Did I mention that outer walls shrink the map as time passes? Yeah, you have to avoid them too.

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Every player starts the game with three lives. When a Bomb hits you, then you lose a life. If an outer wall hits you, then you are eliminated no matter how many lives you have left. On the map, there are two kinds of objects, Trees, and Crates. Blow up Trees to unleash power-ups and coins. Power-ups will help you gain the upper hand, like running faster, blocking an attack, kick bombs away or increase the blast radius of your bombs. As we are dealing with a mobile game controlling your character is simple, yet accurate. With a controller located on the bottom left side, you can move around, while you place bombs with a button on the right side. Read More...