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What Are dApps?

Decentralized Applications (dApps) was the buzzword of 2017, and its dApps that were the core of the ICO craze.

Many think because Ethereum and other dApp platforms have had a torrid or at best quiet couple of years since the highs of January 2018, the development of dApps has died down, but that could not be further from the truth.

Developers are building dApps at a much more expansive rate than ever before, and as the web 3.0 rolls out, Ethereum will be the backbone of the “dApp store”.

What Are dApps?

The concept of dApps is still in its infancy, therefore, providing a broad and detailed answer to the question: ‘What are dApps?’ is neither possible nor even perceptible, but we partly know what they are capable of, so allow me to explain.

Decentralized networks such as Ethereum, EOS, and Cardano offer a platform for developers to build new decentralized applications (dApps) on a decentralized and cryptographic protocol, and one which has an inbuilt and immutable economy.

Ethereum is by far the biggest network that facilitates the construction of dApps. Rather than write code from scratch, Ethereum enables developers to write programs in any language, thus simplifying development and ultimately saving developers time and money.

dApps are a new type of software application, that are not owned by any central authority, and cannot be shut down either. They are open-source software that use smart contracts to power them. Read More at Ethereum Nexus