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Why Has Ethereum Mining Algorithm Approval Caused Community Uproar

The Ethereum community has been locked in battle this week over a controversial change to its mining algorithm called ProgPoW. If implemented it could cause a highly contentious hard fork and two versions of ETH and related tokens.


The mining algorithm change was unexpectedly approved in the most recent developers’ call last week. This has inflamed the broader Ethereum community which has spent the past week discussing the implications of the change.

Programmatic proof-of-work, or ProgPoW, is a consensus algorithm designed to reduce the advantage of high-performance ASIC mining hardware.

According to a medium delving into the ProgPow, proof-of-work mining has traditionally taken a fixed algorithm and modified the hardware to be ‘efficient’ at executing the algorithm. ProgPoW puts this paradigm in reverse by taking the hardware and modifying the algorithm to match it.

The mechanism would favor miners using general-purpose GPUs (graphics processors), with the goal of avoiding centralization from ASIC dominated mining farms. Read More...